Aag Daman Mein Lag Jaye Gi - Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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Published on Jan 11, 2013
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Lyrics/Poet: Fana Baland Sheri

Aag Daman Mein Lag Jaye Gi Dil Mein Shola Machal Jaye Ga Mera Sagar Na Choona Kabhi, Saathiya Haath Jal Jaye Ga

Mere Ashq Bhi Hain Is Mein, Yeh Sharab Ubal Na Jaye Mera Jam Choone Wale, Tera Haath Jal Na Jaye
Mera Sagar Na Choona Kabhi, Saathiya Haath Jal Jaye Ga

Ek Din Woh Zaroor Aain Ge, Dard Ka Saya Tal Jaye Ga Is Zamane Ki Parwa Nahi, Yeh Zamana Badal Jaye Ga
Aa Gaya Mera Aankhon Mein Dam, Aap Jo Jalwa Dikha Dijiye Aap Ki Baat Reh Jaye Gi, Mera Arman Nikal Jaye Ga

Besabab Humse Rootho Na Tum, Yeh Lare Buri Cheez Hai Besabab Humse Rootho Rootho Na Tum

Yeh Ada Hai Ya Dil Ka Jalana, Hum Manate Hein Tum Roothte Ho Hum Jo Roote To Pashtao Ge Tum, Roz Tumko Manana Parega
Rootho Na Tum Besabab Humse Rootho Rootho Na Tum

Milna Hai Jo Ghairon Se To Phir Saf He Kedo, Yun Roth Ke Jane Ka Bahana Nahi Acha Bus!
Rootho Na Tum Besabab Humse Rootho Rootho Na Tum

Besabab Humse Rootho Na Tum, Yeh Lare Buri Cheez Hai Sula Ker Lo Khuda Ke Liye, Yeh Bura Waqt Tal Jaye Ga
Mai Kashoon Us Nazar Ki Suno, Keh Rahi Hai Woh Shola Badan Mein Nahi Jam Mein Aag Hai, Jo Pi Jiye Woh Jal Jaye Ga

Koi Aansoo Nahi Aankh Mein, Baat Ghar Ki Abhi Ghar Mein Hai Tum Jo Yun Hi Satate Rahe, Dard Ashiqon Mein Dhal Jaye Ga
Dur Hein Jab Talak Tumse Hum, Kaise Hoga Mudawa E Gham Ek Dafa Tum Milo To Sanam, Gham Khushi Mein Badal Jaye Ga

Gar Yun Hi Ghar Mein Bete Raha, Mar Dale Gi Tanhaiyan Chal Zara Maikade Mein Chalein, Ay Fana Dil Behal Jaye Ga
Aag Daman Mein Lag Jaye Gi, Dil Mein Shola Machal Jaye Ga....

Your lap will see he And the heart would catch fire Never touch my glass of wine O' cup bearer [else] your hand will burn.
One day, for sure, my beloved will come And the shadows of pain will be gone I don't care for my afflictions As this situation will change.

I am at the verge of dying, At least now manifest yourself You would still be true to your words And fulfilled will be my desire.
Do not be displeased with me, This bitterness is not a good thing Make up with me for God's sake And these bad times would pass.

Is this your charm or a way to incense my heart? I try to make up and you are unhappy with me
If I become unhappy then you will be sorry and try to make up with me everyday.

If you have to meet with strangers then say it clearly This excuse of displeasure with me is not good.
O wine Lovers! Pay heed to those eyes as that fireball is saying It is not wine but fire in the cup of wine and whoever drinks will burn.

There are no tears in the eyes and the tale of woes is still in the house But if you keep on afflicting me, the pain would mold into tears.
Till the time I am separated from you, how will my suffering be cured? Meet me just once O beloved and my pain would turn into happiness.
If I just sit in the house this loneliness will kill me O Fana, let us go to the tavern so that the mood changes.
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