Superhit Action Movie of Mahesh Babu| Maidan E Jung (Arjun) |Telugu Hindi Dubbed Film| Keerthi Reddy

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Published on Dec 26, 2016
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Superhit Action Movie Maidan E Jung (2004) Dubbed Hindi version of Telugu movie Arjun.
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Shirya, Keerthi Reddy, Prakash Raj, Raja.
Writer: Gunasekhar, Producer: Shekar, Sreedhar, Sudharshan

Synopsis : Arjun (Mahesh Babu) and his twin sister Meenakshi (Keerthi Reddy) finish college. During college days Meenakshi falls in love with her classmate, which she expresses later to her family when she is shown proposals from others. Arjun sets out to Madurai in Tamil Nadu where Uday is about to get married who also awaits for Meenakshi, to elope with. Arjun makes a dramatic appearance, with no apparent disapproval from the parents Meenakshi gets married to Uday. Meanwhile Arjun meets a girl, Shriya Saran who happens to be from Madurai too. After the marriage Uday's parents (Prakashraj, Saritha) secretly plan to kill Meenakshi as they had lost a chance to grab a millionaire's property by the arranged marriage. How Arjun meets the plans to kill his sister and saves each time is the crust of the story. In this film, the name of the character played by Mahesh Babu is not revealed till the end. The other roles call him with the name of the relation, but none call him Arjun, and this is revealed only at the end.