Adhuri Hawas - 2004 - Reena Kapoor - Ratan - Rimpal Balnegar - Full Movie In 15 Mins

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Published on Apr 22, 2013
Chandni an innocent girl falls prey to the dirty designs of gangster and pimp Irfan Chiknya when she goes to him begging for work. Taking advantage of her poverty Irfan places Chandni in Mana Madam's beauty parlour where she runs a prostitution racket. Chandni is then forced to work at Mayura Beer Bar which is frequented by unsocial elements. Will Chandni be able to emerge out of the mess she has put herself in or will she succumb to the pressure exerted by Irfan Chiknya? Your favourite Bollywood movies summed up in 15 minutes. Shemaroo Entertainment presents to you 15 Min Movie. Click here to see full list of 15 min movies -

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