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Published on Apr 22, 2015
Bio-scientist Govindarajan Ramaswamy speaks at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium about chaos theory and the butterfly effect. He begins by reciting events from the 12th century in Chidambaram, when King Kulothunga Chola II, a Saivite, persecutes Vaishnavites and intends to destroy an idol of Govindaraja. Rangarajan Nambi, a Vaishnavite, protects it and offends the king, who orders Rangarajan to be executed by being submerged into the sea with the idol, succeeding.
On 20 December 2004, a bio-technology lab in the United States designs a virus intended as a bio-weapon. After understanding its potential, Govind, one of the scientists involved, refuses to give the vial away due to fear of misuse. However, his boss Sethu has other plans and tries to sell it to a terrorist group when Govind flees with it. Former CIA agent Christian Fletcher follows him and attempts to seize the vial, when it is accidentally couriered to India. Govind sneaks into the aircraft carrying the virus and changes its location. After arriving in India, he is questioned by Balram Naidu, a RAW operative. Govind unsuccessfully tries to explain the series of incidents.
Meanwhile, Fletcher, who has married a woman named Jasmine, arrives in India. Using her as a translator, Fletcher threatens Govind and takes him away in a jeep with a police officer. After exiting the city, Govind escapes from Fletcher and reaches Chidambaram. Fletcher follows him, after getting a cab, along with Jasmine. After Govind attempts to persuade the receivers of the package carrying the virus, it finds itself inside an idol of Govindaraja. In the chaos, Jasmine is killed. Govind and Andal, who is the granddaughter of Krishnaveni, an old woman for whom the package was sent, try to run away from Fletcher, and arrive in a ground where illegal sand miners are working. They try to rape Andal, but Govind defeats them and they sneak out after the interference of Vincent Poovaragan, a social activist, and saves an unnaturally tall Muslim named Khalifula and his family from a car-crash in the process. One of them, a lady, faints suddenly and is taken to a hospital, where Govind procures a cooling box to store the weapon, as it is unstable and its temperature needs to be maintained. He meets pop singer Avatar Singh, who is also there for treatment of his throat cancer. His prescription drugs are in a similar-looking box and before leaving the hospital, he unknowingly switches it with Govind's box.
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