सरला भागसूये दिया धारां || हिमाचली पहाडी नाॅन सटाॅप गीत || By Satish Thakur || हिलीवुड सिनेमाा ||

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Published on Mar 08, 2017
Song : Sarla Bhagsuwe Diyan Dhara
Singer : Dr. Satish Thakur
Lyrics : Surinder Panyari
Music : Rju Bagga
Artist : Dr. Satish Thakur , Richa Dhiman , Asseem Sharma ,Shilpa ,
D.O.P : Ramesh Yadav
Camera : Pintu
Editor : Sandeep Singh Chhina
Producer : K. C . Thakur Advocate
Adviser : Bimal Kapoor
Assitt. Rakesh Panyari
Director : Surinder Panyari
Vendor: New Series ( Rishi Sharma )
Cont. 9736663555

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